In Memory Of Bo Diddley 

6月2日に TP&HB も敬愛するアーティスト、Bo Diddley がフロリダ州 Archer の自宅で亡くなりました。79才でした。TP はオフィシャル・サイトに以下のようなメッセージを発表しています。

Bo Diddley was a musical giant. His contribution to Rock and Roll is too great to measure. His beautiful baritone voice, his growling, trembling electric guitar, and of course that original infectious beat, informed and influenced more artists than can be named. I had the good fortune to know Bo as a friend and we played many shows together over the years. He was a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor and I will miss him very much. Rock and Roll will always sing his praises.