Tom And Dana Celebrate Marriage With Second Ceremony

Malibu にある Tom の自宅で、6月21日に改めてウェディング・セレモニーが行われました。出席者は HB を含め40人の近親者、司祭を務めたのは、Little Richard だそうです。




Tom の結婚に関する日本語のニュースが以下のサイトに掲載されています(内容は同じ)。

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Tom Petty Marries Longtime Sweetheart!

Tom の結婚が、オフィシャル・サイトに発表されました。内容は下記のニュースの通りでした。

June 3, 2001;  Tom Petty Marries Longtime Sweetheart!

Wonderful News! Time for all of us Tom Petty fans to celebrate his happiness! Tom Petty and his longtime girlfriend, Dana York were married at a small, very intimate ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, June 3rd, 2001.

Tom and the Heartbreakers had just played two shows at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on Friday and Saturday. Tom and Dana, along with some family and a few close friends stayed in town for their wedding on Sunday.

Now we all know why Tom had that extra special twinkle in his eyes during those two Vegas shows! He knew he and Dana were getting married on Sunday!

Congratulations to the happy couple from all of us devoted fans! We are so thrilled for you both! We wish you many, many years of love and happiness together. Wow . . . . .
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Petty!
Mrs. Dana Petty!

Cathy Buffington, TP Website, June, 2001.


Congratulations to Tom!

6月3日、Las Vegas, NV にて、Thomas E. Petty は Dana M. York と結婚したもよう。正式発表はありませんが、<the Clark County Recorders>のサイトで確認することができます。

* last name → petty、first name → thomas、middle initial → e と入力