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We are absolutely honored and thrilled to publish our interview with Mike Campbell. Our dream-like wish incredibly became a reality through a "Guya" guitar, and here is how it came about.
Jun / TOSHI / Mayu *
In various interviews, Mike often talked about his very first guitar, a $60 guitar Goya from Okinawa. After thorough analysis by one of our staff (TOSHI), however, we hypothesized it may not have been a "Goya", but a Japanese vintage "Guya" guitar, made by Guyatone. TOSHI insisted that we would like to hand the guitar to Mike himself, and other staffs were in complete agreement. This conversation's timing was right before his 60th birthday (February 1), so we decided to send a Guyatone LG-130T, apparently very identical to his very first guitar, as his birthday present.

It was not simple to internationally send an electric guitar, so we have to confess we were not able to send it before his birthday. Nonetheless, the guitar made it to the United States about one week afterthe day. First of all, it was a big relief that the guitar made it overseas.

After that, it was our miracle moments... we were told that Mike had received the guitar and that he LOVED it!

To tell the truth, we recklessly offered for an interview when sending our guitar. We knew it was way too much of a favor, but through years of owning a TP&HB fan site, we had a true wish of sending the actual voices of TP&HB to the Japanese fans. Mike graciously accepted our interview offer, so here it is!

We all have full-time jobs, and are by no means professional interviewers. We had very limited time to prepare the questions, and there are limitations to e-mail interview format. Still, we believe we tried our best as fans/fan site of Mike and TP&HB. We dearly wish you will enjoy our interview.

We are absolutely grateful to Mike for kindly accepting our requests. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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